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LAST SAMURAI is currently the most intriguing activity that can be experienced by international visitors to Osaka. Not only can one take part in  a real target blade-testing (goza-kiri) experience with an authentic Japanese sword, but  one can also develop spiritually by cultivating the samurai’s “oneness of spirit and technique” through traditional etiquette,  the ethical code of the warrior  (bushidō),  and Zen practice. Why not re-explore  your being in this dōjō tucked away in the heart of the urban jungle of Osaka?


礼儀作法 - Courtesy

To learn Japanese traditional courtesy.

Change into the hakama attire of the samurai and, collecting yourself, head to the dōjō training hall.

First of all, what is the history of Japan and what kind of people were the samurai of the Edo period (1600-1868)? 

After addressing these topics, the instructor will teach about traditional Japanese etiquette and the ethical code of the warrior (bushidō).

型 - Form

To learn techniques of swordsmanship.

In order to experience handling an authentic Japanese sword, one will first undergo instruction in  basic techniques of swordsmanship with a customary training sword (mozōtō) that is a close replica of the real thing.


禅 - Zen

Searching for the truth of who you are.

While the word Zen is mentioned more frequently overseas recently, for the samurai, Zen and the sword (katana ) were two sides of the same coin and were inseparably linked.

Train the body with the sword while cultivating the heart with Zen. This leads to “oneness of spirit and technique” (shingi ittai). 

​Rather than focusing on external things that impose upon the self, one learns means of mental control and inner self-dialogue by meditating in the Zen practice space (Zen no ma).

試し斬り - Trial

To test the sharpness of a real sword.

After solid training in Etiquette, Form, and Zen, take up an authentic Japanese sword and do a special blade-testing on a goza mat (goza tameshi-giri).

Maximizing  one’s concentration to swiftly cut down the goza mat produces a wonderful sense of fulfillment unlike any other.


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